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We'll match or beat any valid competitor's offer (restrictions apply see below)! If we match it, you will get a $300 closing cost credit. If we beat it, you will receive a lower rate and a $150 closing cost credit.  


In the rare event that we are unable to match or beat the competitor's rate and points, we will give you a $300 Visa or Mastercard gift card just for comparing rates (and points) with us.

To use our Rate Review Guarantee, send us the competitor's Loan Estimate and a copy of their Rate Lock Agreement. Their Rate Lock Agreement date must match our rate offer date.

1. Quote: Provide us an official, detailed, written Loan Estimate and a copy of their Loan Lock Agreement. Quote detail must show: lender’s name, date of the Loan Loan Agreement, loan type, term, purchase price/property value, loan amount, interest rate, monthly mortgage insurance amount (if applicable), exact amounts for all lender fees, discount points, lender credits/rebates, and exact amounts for all third-party charges for appraisal, credit report, and title company fees. You must provide us with the quote the day they give it to you, and then obtain a written quote from us on that same day, and allow us to go over the quotes with you on the phone. Interest rates change every day, sometimes multiple times a day when the market is volatile. That is why you can’t compare a quote you got today from one lender to the quote you got on a different day from another lender. Pricing changes can be very substantial from day to day, making a quote today appear to be much better or worse, than a quote from a previous day. ALWAYS compare quotes on the exact same day, or you won’t get a true and fair apples-to-apples comparison.

2. Provide us your complete (all pages), unaltered final, signed CD (closing disclosure) and the “NOTE” from your closing documents. Closing documents must exactly match the original written quote and locked loan estimate they provided you, and that you gave to us. This will confirm they actually delivered exactly what they quoted, and it indeed was a lower combination of interest rate, fees, and monthly mortgage insurance (if applicable).

3. Rate Review Guarantee and Claiming Your $300: If we are able to provide you with a match or better price after you lock with a competitor, and you choose not to accept/proceed with our Rate Review Guarantee, you will not be eligible for the $300 Rate Review Guarantee. If we are unable to provide you with a better price and you close with a competitor; and the original detailed quote, your official locked loan agreement, loan estimate, and your final, signed closing disclosure and note all match, showing the exact same combination of interest rate, fees, and monthly mortgage insurance on each; and you’ve met the above terms and requirements, we’ll send you a $300 gift card within 30 days.

Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous lenders out there who cannot deliverer on the best rate and terms.  We will do everything we can to give you a better rate and term and if we can't... the $300 gift card is yours to keep. 


$300 Rate Review Guarantee is not offered on all loan types and is limited to fixed-rate conventional, FHA, and VA loans. Guarantee is only offered on identical matching loan types and products offered by NEXA Mortgage on loan amounts of $200,000 or higher. You will not be entitled to the $300 guarantee if you choose to decline a match or better price and terms from Bob Blanke NEXA Mortgage.

  1. The Offer is available for all Conforming  fixed and  FHA/VA Fixed Mortgage loan products for the purchase or refinance of single-family residences, condominiums and planned unit developments with a total loan amount of less than or equal to $766,550 conforming loan (ask for FHA and VA loan limits.

  2. The Offer is not available for the refinance of a loan originated by NEXA Mortgage within six (6) months of such loan’s funding date.

  3. Offer not valid with any other NEXA Mortgage or Bob Blanke Loan Office rate, term or rebate offer.

  4. This is not a NEXA Mortgage company product. Offered only by Bob Blanke NEXA Mortgage Loan Officer.

  5. We do not match non for profit organizations or builder mortgage incentive programs. 

  6. Rate review not applicable once you’ve locked in with us.

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